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About Us

Define Dentistry was created to help people actually receive trustworthy and honest dentistry. We have state-of-the-art equipment, a pristine office, but most importantly our mission is to give you incredible care.


Created Define Dentistry when the opportunity arose. She has been in dentistry for the past 11 years and wanted to bring a human touch to the medical industry.


Creating a place where EVERYONE feels welcomed, supported, and in charge of their dental health. We give transparency and truly want to support our community.

At Define Dentistry YOU make the decisions, we support you.

Define Dentistry Technology

3D technology intraoral scanner and printers:  say goodbye to the uncomfortable, gag-inducing, time-consuming, error-prone practice of physical mold impressions improving process time and lab error

Digital Dentistry advanced dental technology helps reduce patient chair time and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Digital radiography X-rays are still widely used across the dental industry for daily operations. But traditional x-rays relied on film processing. A dental professional can take digital x-rays both inside (intraorally) and outside (extraorally) of the mouth. Reduced exposure times, real-time dental applications, improved detail and diagnosis, ease of storage and transfer and immediate feedback 


We believe deeply in supporting the community, and in that, we continue to always get support back.

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