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Dr. Sanna's Story

 My motivation for becoming a dentist was actually my Mom. She hustled and just really took care of her kids. She is a first-generation American and came here when she was 17. She did every odd job but happily and never once complained. The work ethic came from her. My mom’s side of the family are all in health care. Her sisters and brothers are all in healthcare, and if you can name the position we have it in our family.

I chose dentistry because I liked the idea that dentistry offered flexibility and choice. It brings this immediate gratification. If someone is in pain, you get to help them get out of it simply. You can fix certain things and immediately see the confidence change in people.


While discovering this passion for dentistry I continued to see a lot of places where doctors were not honest with their patients. A lot of the times it was billing for higher priced operations, or focusing more about themselves rather than the patient.

I knew that I could create something different that actually focused on helping people. Then the opportunity arose to be able to create my own practice and I went for it.

I combined the true love, authenticity, and dignity that my family taught me and decided to put it in every single thing at Define Dentistry. Being a woman and going off on my own there were obstacles and I really had to claim my truth in what I was creating. But Define Dentistry is truly connected to my integrity, and what I believe in. Taking care of humans. Because at the end of the day, thats what this life is all about.

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